Band Garage Sale/BPA Letter

Parents: the message below is from BPA president, Mrs. Timm.  Please contact Mrs. Timm at her information listed below for any questions pertaining to this message.


Parents and Guardians,

I hope that everyone is doing well with this busy start to a new year and a new director. I'm Nancy Timm, your current Band Parent Association President.

I would like to thank two wonderful women that have handled the uniforms this summer, for past parents: Have you seen how awesome the uniform room looks? Oh my! Lorena Verdin-Singletary and Dawn Razo. Thank you for everything that you have done to make our kids look wonderful and our uniform room more organized, THANK YOU 10,000 times!!! To the parents that came out and helped with the fittings...THANK YOU!


Now to get ready for the garage sale, our first fundraiser of the year, we'll need help from parents and students. Please find attached the garage sale flyeron September 24th, please share it with your family and friends. We will be setting up on September 23rd. Every student is allowed ONE big item to go into the students trip account. If the item does not sell, you will need to get it out by 3:30pm the day of the sale or it goes to Restore, Morning Star, or St. Vincent Depaul. Go through your closets and find those clothes that you haven't worn in years, check in the back of the kids closets for clothes that they outgrew years ago (I know I found some!), we will be selling anything at the garage sale! At the end of the sale any clothing, shoes, belts, purses, textiles (no rugs or carpet) will be sold to USAgain for recycling. If you have old towels, stained clothes, sheets, etc that are stained and you would not want anyone to buy, please put them in a bag (required by the company) and mark it "recycle". TBA: still searching for an electronics recycle company...Several have not returned phone calls, and the one that did doesn't accept TV's.

Our ongoing fundraisers are Shop with Scrip and For questions on Shop with Scrip please contact Jackie Bedolla (815) 919-8313. You can start getting money into your student's trip account this year! Smile goes directly into the General Fund, every little bit helps.

Pork Chop Dinner and Bake Sale will be November 14th in the cafeteria. Does anyone have contacts for restaurants, restaurant supplies, etc, for the following needed items for the dinner?

Baked beans



to go containers and plates

Please contact myself, Angie Stadler, or LaTonya Young if you do.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. 


Thank you,

Nancy Timm
(815) 545-9058