German Exchange Hosting

Dear Band Families - 

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a German high school jazz band this summer.  This event will take place from July 12-14.

School: the visiting group is the Goethes Groove Connection, which is the big band of the Goethe High School in Emmendingen, Germany.  This group consists of 25 musicians, ages 14-18.

As part of our hosting requirement, we are looking for volunteer families to host two German high school students in their home.  Hosts would be required for housing students for two nights and supplying meals and transporting guests to and from rehearsal areas and a performance.  

All interested hosts should contact Mr. Stinson via as soon as possible for more information.

More information from our host handbook:

Family Assignments
Visiting European guests being placed in private homes with families is the most unique element of the Blue Lake International Exchange Program. This format allows our European guests to truly experience American culture and form lasting friendships with our young people. Community groups, churches, school clubs, and student artistic ensembles are all good resources for host families. Host families should have a genuine vested interest in meeting and hosting European guests.

The family should have the means to properly host the students including being able to fulfill the transportation requirements, provide three meals a day and provide educational and fun activities for the guests. Houses may be simple, and need not be large and fancy - but must be clean! It is difficult and sometimes embarrassing for all when a student or guest must be moved.

A few guidelines to housing the guests:
 Students (not staff or chaperones unless married) may share a queen size bed, if necessary. This is more common for females.
 Students should be housed with youth that are the same gender and preferably not with a single host of the opposite gender.
 Pull out couches, futons, and/or air mattresses are acceptable forms of beds, if they are in a clean and private area.
 It is preferable to have students housed in pairs of two or more. This makes the guests feel more comfortable while in a new place. 

Hosting Expectations for Families and Community Host families should be willing to follow the general itinerary developed for the group, as well as the ability and willingness to share with our European guests the interesting sights and activities in your community. While families are encouraged to show our guests the special sites in the area, there is no expectation that the host family incur additional fees for their guests. If a family chooses to take their guests to an activity that requires admission or expense, the family should be willing to cover that cost for the guest. Host families should be encouraged to have a complete schedule of activities and realize the importance of having guests to the designated places on time. Host families are responsible for the following during a home stay:

 Providing transportation to rehearsals, concerts, scheduled activities and departure for the next tour stop.
 Three meals a day for the guests
 A clean bed in a private area of the home
 A sack meal for the day the group departs
 Having fun getting to know their guest and showing the best of American Culture!