Graduation Memo

AVAC Graduation: Friday, May 25; 7:20am report, perform during periods 2, 3. Please bring all uniform attire needed that morning! We are very lucky to be a part of this tradition every year!


5:00pm: call time; begin dressing.  Seniors may arrive as early as 4:30pm. Mr. Stinson will have your graduation cards for you.

“Concert” & Graduation Order

·         Midway March, Longford Legend II, I, John Williams in Concert (no scream), La Procession, Second Prelude, Stars and Stripes; Sine Nomine; Pomp and Circumstance; March of the Steelmen; Joliet Loyalty (by memory)

Bring equipment to the gymnasium and set up.  Rack stands, and bring percussion equipment and conductor podium.

5:45pm: leave for gymnasium as a group; single file, straight line.  Bring instruments, music, accessories.

6:15pm: begin pre-concert music.  6:55pm: Stars and Stripes.  7:00pm: Sine Nomine.

After graduation: EVERYONE (except seniors) helps bring equipment back to the band room.  Graduation is your final grade in the gradebook and tearing down is part of our job. 

Seniors: please check in instruments, Snark Tuners, and equipment after graduation to the band office.  All band members: make sure your lockers are clean!  You may leave instruments in your lockers if you are returning, but they must be clearly marked with your name (masking tape available in the band office – don’t write on cases).

Seniors! Good Luck! You will receive your diplomas after you turn in all your equipment. Please remember to pick this up from Mr. Stinson following graduation.